About 4 Sunflowers Media

"Let me tell you a story." "Once upon a time." These are the most wonderful opening lines children ever hear. There is nothing like disappearing into the world of a story to find a safe place for adventure and learning that marks the difference between mere existence and being alive. 4 Sunflowers Media was created to offer stories that understand and celebrate the human condition and provide support and reassurance to parents and caregivers as they embrace the greatest adventure of their lives: raising a child.

As parents we want to do what's best for our children. But raising a family is a messy and unpredictable thing, far different from the more ordered and routine worlds that we imagine, or think we remember. Too often we worry over signs of trouble in our children where what we are seeing is only a normal range of behaviors. Parenthood is a front row seat to the greatest show on earth, and like any great event, the experience runs the gamut from heartwarming to hair-raising in the blink of an eye. Holding on tight and keeping our eyes wide open is the best way to enjoy the ride. However, in a world filled with an endless array of voices and views, it's only natural that parents feel more criticized than supported.

It's easy for parents to lose confidence in their child and in themselves. It's easy to lose sight of the glorious person their child can become and the joy that they deserve to take from being part of the process. That is not okay. Parents are heroes who make sacrifices every day for their children. Children are a gift and childhood innocence is a finite and precious time that deserves to be protected. That's why we need to come together, say no to the fault-finders, and catch our breath... to relax into our roles as caregivers so that the children we love can grow up feeling loved and accepted as they are, in each moment... starting right now.

Cutting-edge therapies and pedagogies try to transform childhood from the messy, loud and magnificently human, into a streamlined, predictable and uniform pursuit of someone's idea of perfection. Enough! Human beings are, after all, only human, no matter what their age.

4 Sunflowers Media was founded to celebrate the joy of parenthood and the fun of the journey as we accompany our children from their first steps to the moment they are ready to step out into this world on their own. It was created for us to walk this journey together, our backs to the wind and the sun warm on our faces. With stories for our kids, and anecdotes for each other, we can share a laugh, learn about the journey, and chart our own course from stresses to smiles. 4 Sunflowers Media creates a community of support and solidarity for the real heroes of this world: parents and caregivers who give their love, heart and soul everyday; and the children who are the gift given to us, and that in turn we give back to the world.