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We are so happy and excited to announce that Hello, We're The Fuzzwippers is now available!
Order your copy today and add this amazing book to your family's collection.

Fuzzwippers are wonderful little creatures that do so much more than just entertain; Fuzzwippers empower your children. The Fuzzwipper collection of books make your child the ambassador and spokesperson for his or her new Fuzzwipper friend.

Fuzzwippers provide more than hours of enjoyment and imaginative play, Fuzzwippers give your child the power to feel confident and capable and that's when the real miracle happens. As your child grows more comfortable, he or she can begin to pay it forward and help put other kids at ease too. Once your child has a Fuzzwipper, he or she is never alone again and is forever reminded of the Fuzzwipper message; You are loved, no matter what.

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Watch for more news about our next titles already on their way to you from the Land of the Fuzzwippers.

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